Deep down in the dark reaches of my geek mind. GirlDuality Assignment #2

April 19, 2012

Girl Duality Assignment Number Two

Any scene in a geek property that makes you laugh, but it isn’t intended to.

The first thing that comes to mind really are the lines in movies that have just stuck with me. However I am not sure if they count at all. Lines like “He Left Us!”, “LET IT BEGIN!”, “Sort your fucking life out mate”, or “IT’s SO FLUFFY!”. But I feel like these lines meant to leave a strong impression. Some are even funny to watch. So these can’t possibly count.

There are of course, almost every other line/scene in the Star Wars prequels. But these scenes are really a sad kind of funny; they produce emotions inside me that I don’t like to talk about.

No. If I’m going to answer this Girl Duality Assignment truthfully in the way I feel it should be answered I’m going to have to dig deep. I’m going to have to access the inner dark reaches of my geek mind to find that moment. That one moment that I laughed at something that wasn’t really suppose to be funny.

So here I am at work trying to figure this one out. I couldn’t get it right away, so I decided to go get my lunch ready. Had to walk away from this post for awhile to get my mind working. And then as I’m watching my 4 minute TV Dinner spin in the communal microwave here at work, 4:00 … 3:59… 2:55… 1:47… 0:42 it hits me!

Of course! It’s so perfect! That one scene. That I laughed so hard watching. And then the line that would become a running gag that whole year with a friend of mine. And to this day, if I use the line with that friend, he’d know exactly what I was quoting. To be honest there are maybe only 2 people that might get it from the quote alone. Khris, definitely. He was the friend that was there with me when we watched/heard it. The other person is possibly Girl Duality. Though I am not sure if she would get it right away. It all depend on how big of a fangirl she is really…

That line that I speak of is …
“I can don’t have no children!”

The line is spoken by Mrs. Peacock, in one of the my most favorite of television episodes ever. Written by: Glen Morgan & James Wong, Directed by: Kim Manners, Original air date 10-01-1996. Season 4 Episode 3… of the X-Files.

The episode name is HOME. And it is awesome.

The whole episode in and of itself is like a mini horror movie; of the “deranged psychopathic inbred hick family” genre of horror.

The scene is between Scully and Mrs. Peacock, the head of this small middle of nowhere deranged psychopathic imbred hick family. I believe in the scene, Mrs. Peacock reaches for Scully’s stomach and utters the line “I can tell.. you don’t have no children!”. It is a very very… very creepy moment. But for a long time it became an inside joke among my friends. At any given moment we’d simply reach at each other creepily and say the line “I can tell … you don’t have no children!”. The best time to use the line would be in that 10 second window of complete darkness right after the coming attractions in a movie theater.

Since, I couldn’t get a video to embed in this post, I’ve collected the below images from the episode.

“I can don’t have no children!”



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  1. ErRoR42
    April 19, 2012 at 7:50 pm

    pepper42photo: Ha!

    pepper42photo: Skateboard mom

    pepper42photo: love it

    Error42: hahah yes!. She can dust under tables, check the oil pan, and makes for the perfect portable love doll.

    Error42: too far?

    pepper42photo: lol

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