The Terror That Flaps in the Night

May 3, 2012

Have you heard of this Batman fellow?


Don't shoot me in the mouth buddy

Hey, how yah doin'?


Some of you might know that Christopher Nolan has been directing a little art house trilogy about this masked man of mystery, but what most people don’t realize is that Batman is not a new character created for his yet unfinished opus, but in fact has been around for over 70 years in one form or another.  Believe it or not, this guy started out in comic books! I know Who’da thunk it? I sure didn’t, but research pays off. He’s also been in a surprising number of Television shows, both live action and cartoons, as well as films. Oh man has he been in films before Mr. Nolan plucked him out of obscurity he was in an almost forgotten film by little known director Tim Burton that was simply called “Batman.”


Yes That Batman


If you can track down a copy of this thing I highly suggest it! It’s like Burton took his rag tag group of what I can only imagine are his friends, (The guy who plays Batman also appears as a minor character in a film Burton directed the year before called Beetlejuice, from what I can tell according to descriptions it’s some kind of ghost horror schlockfest,) and told them to just run wild and over act until it hurts. What we get out of it is just tons of fun. The villain, The Joker, is just some guy in clown make up going around killing people while making hilariously bad jokes. I kid you not, at one point he stabs someone with an old timey quill pen and announces “Truly, the Pen, is mightier that the sword.”



The result of dancing with the devil under the pale moon light.


Frankly I could never do this movie justice by describing it, I’ll just tell you that if it takes you a lifetime, you should make it your mission to see this thing. It will change your life.



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