Quick Get Johnny Depp and My Wife On the Phone!” Depp to Possibly Star in that Blasphemous Beetlejuice Sequel

May 8, 2012

Yup, looks like this is really happening. Rumours of a Beetlejuice rumour have been floating about for a while, but it seems like the cogs are in motion. Seth Grahame-Smith is slated to have a script ready by next year. It looks like Depp and Burton have already started making jokes about the possibilities.

Notice the headline reads ‘possibly’ I use the term loosely because let’s face it- Burton hasn’t really made many films without Depp in it. It’s almost as if he signed some sort of Faustian contract with that frizzy haired man.

I don’t see any other reason to make this damn film other then money, honestly. I guess that’s all the reason they need. Hopefully- Burton can find whatever part of his creative that made the first film and channel it into something half-way decent, but frankly I’ve seen Johnny Depp in enough white pancake makeup for one lifetime. At least he looked sexy wearing women’s mascara in Pirates of the Caribbean

Here’s the interview courtesy of MTV news. Admittedly it isn’t much to go by:

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