RIP Maurice Sendak

May 8, 2012

Maurice Sendak, beloved children’s author, illustrator and charming curmudgeon died in a Danbury hospital this past weekend. Sendak, author of Where The Wild Things Are as well as many other books left us at age 83.

Where The Wild Things Are was written in 1963 but was made into a film by Spike Jonze in 2009. The book was brilliant and demonstrated openly that sometimes children are just plain rude, uncouth and nasty. He didn’t glorify Max with perfect behavior. After a fight with his mother, Max then escapes into a dark, dangerous, fantasy world- free of the restrictions and safety of home.

The film, however, took a book of few pages and created a movie 104 minutes long complete with a hipster friendly soundtrack and dizzying visuals. It was largely marketed towards adults due to mild violence, scariness and adult themes. In fact, a particularly scary scene is when one of the characters has his arms ripped off, only to leak sand. This one scene has traumatized GiantRobotGuineaPig writer NLTAG beyond belief.

In recent years Sendak gained a bit of infamy thank to his unhinged speech and criticisms found in interviews like the one with Stephen Colbert below.

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