Now I Can Play With Tony Stark…. Umm The Game. Yeah, Sure

May 10, 2012

So it’s not as if we couldn’t call this already. After the huge success of the Avengers movie this past weekend- there was no doubt that a video game wouldn’t follow.

The game is expected out later this year. If I had to take a guess it will be right around Christmas- to get that sweet, sweet holiday money.

The game will be designed for the Xbox360′s Kinect Wii U by Ubisoft Quebec studio.”

So that’s kinda cool. I’d dig it if I actually had to run around my house in order to play the game. That’s going to drive my dog nuts.

We can pray the game is more innovative then this one

The game will offer playable versions of the Avengers and a total of 20 playable characters. Let’s hope they don’t pull a Marvel vs Capcom on us and sell the game a second time with new characters.

Seriously Capcom- fuck you for that Ultimate bull crap.

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