Conversations of Geekery Take II

May 16, 2012

NLTAG Spider-man trailers are driving me crazy

ErR0R42: how many are there? And is someone forcing you to watch them?

NLTAG: Did you see the 4 minute trailer with him saving the kid from the car?

ErR0R42: so when you say… driving me crazy
Do you mean to say you want to see it it or that you can give a shit?

NLTAG: No, it’s driving me crazy because it keeps concentrating on the 59th street bridge and Gwen Stacy
It’s like “OMG, Why don’t you just telegraph to the fans what’s going to happen?”

ErR0R42: wait.. did you just link me to a video that will spoil the movie for me?

NLTAG: It spoils that he saves a kid from a car

ErR0R42: the 59th street bridge is where Gwen Stacy dies and it becomes a place where spider man goes to contemplate her death and his errors

NLTAG: Yes, this is why it’s annoying me

ErR0R42: just like his discussions with the Gargoyle

NLTAG:Because they keep showing the bridge, and showing Gwen, but not like anything of her falling or anything

ErR0R42: Why is it annoying you? its true to the comic version of him

NLTAG: yeah, but it’s annoying because it’s like say “Hey! Guess what’s gonna happen!”

ErR0R42: well yeah… to the general public they’d be like.. what’s the big deal… but to actual comic fans they’ll be like “guess whats gonna happen?!”

NLTAG: Now keep in mind in the first Tobey Maguire spider-man movie, the Gwen scenerio happens, except Green Goblin has MJ… and Spidey saves her

ErR0R42: those movies were crap, I’m hoping this will be better

NLTAG: I liked Spiderman 1 and 2-3 not so much. I’m glad they’re finally gonna get Lizard in there though

ErR0R42: 3 …. I… hate… 3

NLTAG: I know, I know


… A Little Later


 NLTAG: ok forget everything I said

NLTAG: Gwen went over the Brooklyn Bridge not the 59th street bridge

NLTAG: MJ went off the 59th street bridge

ErR0R42: a bridge is a bridge is a bridge… bitches die at the bridges.. who cares which one it is


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