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May 17, 2012

NLTAG: on the Diablo front: Did you get logged in all right?

Dante Dono: yeah, no errors. Though they did take down server like twice and we all had to log out for awhile
It’s neat though cause a warning comes up and its like…. Diablo needs to shut down in 5 minutes for maintenance
…and then every minute it ticks down….then every 10 seconds… then every second- so we were all like… GO GO GO! we need to kill the bad guys!

NLTAG: well it’s good to hear you had fun not playing

NLTAG: you have to stay online to play the single player campaign?

Dante Dono: Yeah, I believe it needs to be connected. not a 100% sure… I think like there is a setting to do it.

NLTAG: That’s kinda lame

Dante Dono: Like if you are completely disconnected I think it works.. but you do need to verify credentials so I’m not sure how that works

NLTAG: I miss the days when verifications was “turn to page 350 of the word almanac and type in the 35th word” Thank you Carmen Sandiego

Dante Dono: That was a long time ago

NLTAG: So was Diablo 2

Dante Dono: Yeah it was. We were 18 when Diablo 2 came out. Doesn’t seem that long ago but i guess it kinda is?

NLTAG: We were in high school. I had way more hair back then.

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