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May 25, 2012

GirlDuality: I think the Superman logo is one of the most recognizable around the globe though. That and Coke Cola

NLTAG: yup
spider-man is the closest thing to them in terms of Marvel

GirlDuality: Wolverine, no?

NLTAG: Not really, Wolverine’s cool, but Spider-man’s been super popular for 50 years

GirlDuality: I guess so, but Wolverine’s outfit is more consistent
and he doesn’t have two super villains that wear pretty much the same damn thing

NLTAG: Wolverine doesn’t have a stable of villains as vast as Spider-man

GirlDuality: He’s got some of the stupidest looking villains ever

John really dodged a bullet on that job

NLTAG: Spider-man villains? absolutely! and people eat em up

GirlDuality: He just looks like that guy in 3 Doors Down video

NLTAG: lol
And thanks to 4 color printing, most Spider-man villains are purple and green

GirlDuality: It’s disastrous really lol

NLTAG: It’s brilliant
Scorpion and Mysterio have been popular since the 60s

GirlDuality: It’s bad that I immediately thought you meant wrestling when you said Mysterio isn’t it?

NLTAG: Yes, yes it is

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  1. ErRoR42
    May 30, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    Just thought I’d point out… “Wolverine’s outfit is more consistent” … I don’t think so. He’s been yellow, he’s been brown, he’s been red, he’s been naked, and even tight black leather. Spiderman has had color changes before too, but I think it always comes back to Blue and Red. I think the most consistent in design and color has been Captain America. But he is definitely not as popular as the aforementioned.

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