There’s Bad… and then there’s BAD

June 2, 2012

Girl Duality asked for something I’ve seen that’s badly dubbed. My first thoughts went to Mystery Science Theater 3000, as I’ve been revisiting the whole show. I was going to bring up Gamera, or maybe Hamlet, but then it hit me. A movie from my past, something that was so awful, so badly dubbed that it wasn’t even funny, it’s nearly unwatchable. It’s one of my most regretted video store picks. It is, Dracula (Dirty Old Man) and what makes this movie special is that it isn’t foreign. The story goes that there was an original soundtrack to the film, but it was recorded so poorly that they scrapped the entire tape, and recorded a completely new one in studio with different actors. That’s right! This is an English dub of a movie made in English! I brought a clip, let’s check it out.

Simply Dreadful


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