Yah Know What’s Messed Up?

June 19, 2012

This gets to me. I don’t know why. Check this out.


So there’s this superhero named Seaguy, and like his big problem is that there’s no need for superheroes anymore. All the villains are gone, all the crises  are over, and all the girls have been saved. He was just too late.

He’s plucky though, and he lives out his idyllic life chugging on Xoo and watching Mickey Eye on TV.  He even has a side kick, Chubby da Choona. Here’s a picture of them playing chess with Death.


a loving couple

No I don't think it's strange that a grown man who constantly wears scuba gear lives with a talking, flying, intelligent fish.

Everything is perfect until one day the Xoo jumps up and asks if they could stop drinking it. Which leads to Seaguy busting the biggest conspiracy ever wide open! We’re talking Ancient Egypt, amusement parks, butterflies, Atlantis  and the friggin moon.


It’s all fun and games until after that Atlantis part. Suffice to say Seaguy and Chubby are out there on the sea for a while, and Chubby is kinda an aquaphobe as it is. In the end they are stranded on a raft for an undisclosed amount of time with no food or water. In the end, well before help could get there, we see this image.





I don’t think any of us want to have to face the revelation that you let seagulls eat your best friend to death while you just sat there being all crazy.


The worst part though? At the end of the story Seaguy is brainwashed and convinced that his side kick is a parrot with a Mexican accent named Lucky El Lorro. how’s that for fucked up?



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  1. Phineas_F_Fox
    June 19, 2012 at 8:28 pm

    I am so happy I read this, my wife wants to look up the comic.

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