Conversations of Geekery: Spider-Man

June 26, 2012

GirlDuality: Someone took all the released clips from the new Spider-man movie adn put them together for 25 minutes…which is like 18% of the film. I really don’t have to watch the movie now
That’s pretty funny/

NLTAG: What happened? You’ve seen all the Dennis Leary footage already?
GirlDuality: They managed to give you pretty detailed version of the whole film in 25 minutes of released footage
Aside from that, it looks like more first person shooting then Doom 3.
Wouldn’t have been good for my vertigo

NLTAG:I guess. I’m kinda wary of the Peter’s parents storyline
Pretty much every time they’re mentioned in the comics it’s stupid

GirlDuality: In my head Peter was a test tube baby

NLTAG: Nah, it’s just his parents are unimportant to the spider-man story, he was raised by Ben and May
there’s a horrible book that was made non-cannon about Peter’s Parents and Ben and May when they were kids
well like 20 It portrays May and Pete’s mom screwing around with the Parker brothers, and at one point May cheats on Ben with Pete’s dad and gets pregnant, and Ben’s like “WTF? I’m impotent” and May is like I can’t keep this baby, so Pete’s mom adopts him and then they marry who they marry, and ugh… NO NO NO

GirlDuality: The Parker Brothers, really?

NLTAG: Their last name is Parker, and they’re brothers

GirlDuality: So they play board games, or something?

NLTAG: See, I say that because I can’t remember Peter’s parents names.
They play lots of Twister

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