The Anime Gods Bring Forth New Episodes In The Name of The Moon

July 9, 2012

And here is where GirlDuality looses her shit-

Japanese publisher Kodansha and Naoko Takeuchi made an announcement on Friday that shows that the anime gods love me. A few yers ago, the anime gods made a similar appearence when they made additional ( and beautiful) Slayers episodes.
Now the Anime Gods, have spoken on high and revealed that a new adaptation of the Sailor Moon manga will be released next summer- they even got Momoiro Clover Z to do do the theme song. Momoiro Clover Z is the one that made the original theme song in the first place.

Rumour has it that the original voices of Sailor Moon/Usagi and Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru are on the project as well and that it would be broadcast simultaneously worldwide.

I'm just so fuckin excited!!

I will leave a proper sacrifice of Pocky, tea and Pokemon cards for the Anime Gods tonight.

It also means a wealth of new merchandise…

The original updated post can be found at Anime News Network:

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