Battle Royale: This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

July 27, 2012

First, before I get too pissed off to remember, here is the original link that set off my geek fury:,0,5414971.story?track=rss

Apparently there have been talks to turn Battle Royale, the fantastic blend of super violence and teenage strife, into a TV show.

No not by the people who make the awesome shows on HBO.

No, not the people that make the awesome shows on AMC.

Instead, the CW wants to make this.

The CW, granted did a decent job with Superman. Let’s face it though Superman was never really as violent as Battle Royale plus it will probably glaze over the violence the way the Hunger Games movie did.

What pisses me off even more is the fact that apparently there was a remake iof BR in question but after the Hunger Games came out they didn’t want to be accussed of copying it.

Battle Royale cam out first.. Hunger Games years later.. gahhh

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