Conversations in Geekery: Sailor Dumbass

July 28, 2012

I really need to start recording my rants. Honestly, they have really gotten quite good in my old age. In recent weeks, I have taken to rewatching Sailor Moon. First of all the voice acting on the English versions are horrific. It gives me a lot of hope for my future voice actor

Girl Duality: Mamo-chan/Tuxedo Mask is really the worst boyfriend ever

Sai: He’s either treated like a project or there are types that are into walking disasters

Sai: It’s tough being a guy [:(]

Girl Duality: He’s so totally useless

Sai: hahahah

Girl Duality: Like right now, some bitch stole her transformation brooch
and he says, ‘no come on we have to retreat’
It’s like no dick, she really needs that. Go get her shit

Sai: sorry, still laughing

Girl Duality: Seriously, it’s not as if they stole her ipod.
That’s an interplanetary gem in there, that turns a spaz into a superhero

Sai: Does he know this?

Girl Duality: Yeah he’s her lover in a past life and her boyfriend in the show.
Then as boyfriends go he forgets her birthday and calls her best friend who is also HIS ex girlfriend to ask why Usagi is mad at him.
Dude is a dick in a cape

Sai: You see he’s smitten to the point that he would rather she doesn’t get hurt instead of riaking it all for something that look like it can be bought from a dollar store (which we will go to first thing in the morning after making breakfast).
Very romantic, I think.

Girl Duality: Eh, if he was so worried he’d have some real weapons-not toss a hat at people
or flowers.
That’s some 60′s batman type shit

Sai: Hey. HEY! Odd Job is deadly with his hat and neck cracking!

Girl Duality: Maybe it’s the drink talking but he should still be more worried about interplanetary transformation weaponry getting into enemy hands
just saying

Sai: yeah. but people who are smitten have tunnel vision. not sure about tossing flowers though…

Girl Duality: The tranny was a better choice for her

Sai: hmmm… i think i should tell you at this point that i’ve only seen a ferw episodes with my cuz years ago. You sure it’s a tranny and not a pretty boy archetype?

Girl Duality: Nope, Sailor Star Fighter is a guy that transforms into a woman
Sailor Tranny


Girl Duality:

In the comic it was a chick that cross dressed, but for the anime they thought that was too confusing so they made them transform.

Sai: I’m looking at google images lol
The most fabulous and fashionable sailor of all
There’s 3 of them

Girl Duality: yup. In their S&M best

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