I Don’t Want to Live On This Planet Anymore- Trailer Edition

September 5, 2012

So, there has been a trailer for this Hansel and Gretyl movie floating around the net. Hawkeye is in it and apparently the chick that played Jean Grey is in it too. It looks batshit insane and warranted a ‘heavy metal is in the background so this must be bad ass’ soundtrack.

Oh and when I say ‘ batshit insane’ I don’t mean it in the fun way, like sprinkles on a pizza.

Hollywood just doesn’t want to learn. They made as shit-ton of money on that horrible Alice and Wonderland, with Johnny Depp doing his best pedo impression- and they won’t stop with the revamping and ‘hardcore’ fairytale bullshit.

A.) It looks ridiculous.

B.) The background music is contrived

C.) Inevitably something happens to Gretyl and she has to be ‘saved’ even though she looks pretty bad ass as it is. Even fuckin’ Sailor Moon saves her boyfriend at some point, come on people!!

For the few of you that weren’t bored at work yesterday, the trailer is below.


One Response to I Don’t Want to Live On This Planet Anymore- Trailer Edition

  1. ErRoR42
    September 10, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    So I didn’t know about this movie until just now. And after watching the trailer I so definitely want to see it. A couple things you should take into consideration though. The director, is the same director who made DEAD SNOW. That’s right, that Zombie Horror movie in which Nazis come back to life as zombies to eat a group of sex and drug abusing teens. Also, on the list of producers for this movie are Adam McKay and Will Ferrell. The same duo that produced Step Brothers, Anchorman, and The Other Guys. The only difference is that Ferrell doesn’t seem to have a role in the film. However I wouldn’t put it past him to be some unnamed bread baker that gets his head eaten off.

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