September 7, 2012

Well it’s about frikkin’ time, but we FINALLY have Venture Brothers news thanks to Jackson Publick’s livejournal. They revealed at DragonCon a few stills from the upcoming Halloween episode and a few snippets of information.

According to Publick, the following tasty tidbits have been revealed:
1.) Season 5 pre-production is wrapped up!

2.) The Halloween special will be the first one to arrive and will air at some point in October, obviously. One of the stills feature Dermott in Crow makeup.

3.) Initial, discussions have already started fro season 6- so at least we know there will be a season six.

I’m super excited, October has the making to be the best month in what has been an otherwise awful year for me. Between this and American Horror Story, I might be able to fight off Game of Thrones withdrawl.

Also, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, if you ever need a female voice artist who works cheap (seriously, pizza and beer are fine) then I’m your gal!

Here’s a screen shot of some of the images:

Notice Orpheus hot wife is there people- kean gear

The whole article can be found here:

Publick Nuisance

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