Tomorrow I Pick Up A Game I’ve Been Playing For Over 10 Years

September 10, 2012

Tomorrow, as many geeks know is new video game day. What you may not know is that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 comes out. This makes for a good week- although I wish it wasn’t quite so nice outside, because I just might have to bring my TV outside.

I first played the Tekken series at a friends house way back in my sophomore year of high school. How long is that? Don’t ask a lady about her age! It never goes well.

Tekken Tag Tournament was released back on the Playstation 2 and was actually the first game I owned for the system. The game play is fast, the animation fluid and it doesn’t cause blisters on my damn thumbs like StreetFighter. Now the second one comes out tomorrow, I will fly outta work and go pick up my copy- but it looks like the DLC characters have already been revealed:

What, no Gon? How am I supposed to piss of competitors by having him bite people in the nust repeatedly? Plus no Tekken Ball?


You win this round Harada…. Full review to be posted later this week, in the meantime here is a video of Tekken Ball for those of you unfamiliar


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